Timothy Smith

University of Texas at Tyler
Cumberland class of 2011

"Nontraditional students often face financial and practical issues not common to other students. The scholarship I received from Cumberland permitted me the ability to navigate a number of these challenges as a husband and dad to two small children. Through the beneficence of Cumberland, I was presented with the opportunity to pursue my goals and improve my family’s life."

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Scholarship Endowment

Investment needed—$7,500,000


In order to fulfill our mission of providing quality legal education in an increasingly competitive climate, scholarship assistance for our students is essential. We need to increase our available scholarships for entering students and the retention and need-based scholarships provided to upper level students.

The cost of legal education and the financial burden it places on emerging lawyers is one of the most critical issues of the day. In addition to counseling students on how to manage debt, we must do our part to reduce debt where possible through scholarships and loan repayment assistance programs (LRAP). LRAPs provide assistance in repaying law school loans in return for service in the public interest.

Scholarship Endowment Goals:

  • Establish a minimum of 25 scholarships for Juris doctor (JD) students
  • Provide six master of Comparative law (MCL) scholarships
  • Provide five study abroad scholarships
  • Endow a fund to encourage public interest law for up to five years by assisting with loan repayment (LRAP)


“Endowing the Dove Scholarship to support single parents pursing their dream of a legal education at Cumberland is my tangible way to have a significant impact both on the students’ lives as well as on the clients they will serve.”

—Faye Dove Wright, Friend of Cumberland


“Thank you is inadequate to describe my appreciation for Cumberland scholarship donors. Their generosity has enabled me to pursue my legal education. The scholarships have allowed me
to take advantage of many extracurricular activities in my legal education without worrying about additional financial burdens that too frequently accompany students post-graduation.” 

—Katie Garrety, Cumberland Class of 2012