• john

    "Friends, I have had the honor and pleasure of being a student, alumnus, faculty member, and now Dean of Cumberland School of Law. I love Cumberland dearly–and owe her greatly. Today, we face an environment in which the cost of legal education is both a barrier to our potential students and a burden to recent graduates. At the same time, securing the academic programs and superior faculty to support those students remains vital. Please read on to see what other alumni and future alumni have to share and consider joining us as we invest anew in the place where it all started."

    - Judge John L. Carroll

    Dean and Ethel P. Malugen Professor of Law
  • brewer

    "At Cumberland I have been associated with students, faculty and alumni who uphold the high standards of the legal profession and who continually encourage and assist each other to be better lawyers and better people. I am so impressed with the ability, idealism and commitment of our students that I have invested in their Cumberland experience with scholarships and gifts to help them with the financial demands of a legal education. Please consider helping to prepare others to be part of this profession by being involved in this campaign."

    - Governor Albert Brewer

  • bishop

    "Having taught at Cumberland for more than 40 years, I am convinced that Cumberland is still graduating students of the highest quality and potential. The financial need to continue our heritage is great. Tuition alone will not allow us to be as good as we can be. For that reason, I have supported and will continue to support our law school every year with a contribution. I hope you will join me in this effort."

    - Professor Brad Bishop

  • Cassandra Adams 10.11

    "The Summer Public Interest Fellow Program allows students to experience the importance of public service that they might not have any other way. Many fellowship opportunities have been springboards to full-time jobs for the students."

    - Cassandra Adams

    Director, Cumberland Center for Community Mediation and Public Interest Program
  • Law School Outside Headshots 8.11

    "When we are able to provide resources that show a commitment to faculty development, we are able to become the best legal academic institution we can be. I think Cumberland is a wonderful place where faculty can flourish professionally, which keeps us competitive and creates the desire to maintain academic excellence."

    - Professor Wendy Greene

    Director of Faculty Development


  • Law Faces 2012 8.12

    "My scholarship greatly helps with law school financial burdens while I pursue my dream of promoting understanding of legal issues facing the Hispanic/Latino community."

    - Lisa Ramirez

    Class of 2015
  • Law Faces 8.11

    "What drew me to Cumberland was the opportunity to participate in smaller class sizes led by professors whose education and achievements rival the faculty of any school nationally. The ability to interact with these distinguished instructors on a personal level is a unique advantage that only adds to the outstanding educational experience provided by the staff at Cumberland."

    - Michael Lassere

    Editor in Chief Cumberland Law Review Cumberland Class of 2014
  • Michael-Kronbach-200x300

    "To pursue a law degree in a unique, collegial environment, with a diverse group of students and an exceptional faculty—this is what Cumberland provided me."

    - Michael Kronbach

    Class of 2013
  • -1

    "Cumberland School of Law has been thoroughly rewarding for me in many respects. The course selection and the professors are intriguing and practical. I can clearly see how courses apply and will help in my future career as a lawyer."

    - Courtney Snelling

    Class of 2012
  • Law Faces 8.09

    "Thank you is inadequate to describe my appreciation for Cumberland scholarship donors. Their generosity has enabled me to pursue my legal education. The scholarships have allowed me
    to take advantage of many extracurricular activities in my legal education without worrying about additional financial burdens that too frequently accompany students post-graduation."

    - Katie Garrety

    Class of 2012