Stan Starnes

Cumberland class of 1972

Cumberland Campaign Executive Committee

"I was incredibly fortunate to attend Cumberland and like many of you, I’m sure, cannot imagine my life otherwise. That’s why I am pledging to contribute to Cumberland, and why I am imploring you to do the same. Because just as our experiences were made possible by alumni support, so will our support shape the future for many Cumberland graduates."

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Executive Committee

National Co-Chairs

-Stan Starnes
-Jere F. White, Jr. (1955-2011)
-Governor Albert P. Brewer

National Honorary Co-Chairs

-Professor Brad Bishop
-Bobby Stallings (1942-2010)


Executive Committee

Beverly P. Baker
Julie Beasley
Patrick F. Dye, Jr.
Carolyn Featheringill
Roe Frazer
Courtney French
Jeff Friedman
Vic Hayslip
Anthony Joseph
Robert MacKenzie, III
W. Davis Malone, III
David Marsh
Miles A. McGrane, lll
James F. Morgan
Worrick Robinson, IV
David Silverstein
Carol Stewart
Lee Thuston
John P. Whittington

Ex Officio

-William J. Stevens, Board of Trustees, Chairman
-Dr. Andrew Westmoreland, Samford University, President
-Judge John L. Carroll, Cumberland School of Law, Dean
-David R. Hutchens, Cumberland School of Law, Senior Advancement Director